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I need help!

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chuffer15 Wed 16-Oct-19 05:53:36

Hi, I really need advice please...
My partner is french and has lived here since February this year. We are about to apply for the pre settlement scheme but we have an issue. Just before he moved here he got a driving conviction for smoking weed, he had smoked it a few days before but it showed up in his system still.

He had his license taken for 6 month and then got it back after doing further drugs tests to show he didn't smoke anything within the past 3 month.

I am so worried that he will get refused because of this! I'm not sure if it's classed as a criminal conviction and if it needs to be declared? I can't sleep and I'm so ill thinking about it constantly.

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swingofthings Wed 16-Oct-19 06:38:58

I don't think they look at driving convictions.

Isleepinahedgefund Wed 16-Oct-19 07:37:22

I think when they ignore driving convictions it means things like running a red light... I'd have thought drugs related driving offences might be treated differently.

Is there a helpline? Best to just ask them. Also be clear as to what the offence he was convicted of, ie what law they used. I don't know France's laws, but in some jurasdictions the loss of driving licence is used as a punishment for some minor non driving offences.

chuffer15 Wed 16-Oct-19 13:37:53

Thankyou for your replies. I don't think I've ever been as worried! I'm currently trying to phone through to an advice line and hopefully I can get a better understanding.

I thought we were doing everything correctly, he's supported himself when he couldn't find work. He's just found a decent job finally after months of doing some of the worst jobs possible!

I'm not sure what I would do without him here...

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