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How to stop using my lawyer

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sadwithkiddies Tue 15-Oct-19 09:42:15

I have been paying for a solicitor since last November for divorce & now child contact.
I am more than 10k down, have nothing to show for it and at the first hearing for contact her input was minimal and I could have represented myself as ex-dh did.
How do I now let her know I do not want representation at court?
I will still need her to complete the divorce absolute as ex-dh and OW both owe me money for fees etc I need her to sort that.

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HugoSpritz Tue 15-Oct-19 09:47:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hairtoss Wed 16-Oct-19 14:18:23

You have to settle any outstanding bills.
Tell them you can't afford representation anymore, some firms offer an 'unbundled service' for which you do all the admin (90% of which is easy) and they help you with legal advice when required.
If you want to change firms you can to one that offers this service.
You then have to fill in a change of legal representation form and file it to the court and possibly serve to other side so you get all the correspondence.
I think people are too quick to say, just pay for a solicitor- my divorce will cost £30k by the end if I had stuck with solicitors advice!
I can't afford to put £30k on a credit card (not that I would be allowed a credit card with that limit based on my income!)

LemonTT Wed 16-Oct-19 18:13:56

As well as paying any outstanding bills, make sure you have received all the service you have paid for.

But before you do anything decide what your way forward is going to be. If you are going to do admin and any self representation, find out what it involves and determine if you are capable of doing it. Particularly the later. Speak to someone you know who will tell you straight that you can do it.

Whilst I am fairly sure most people can do the admin, a lot of people don’t have the dispassion or temperament to self represent. Not saying this applies but dispassion, objectivity and expertise is what you are paying for. I assume by now you have a reasonable idea about what you are entitled to and we’re you should settle.

Once you decide how you will proceed you can renegotiate the arrangement with the current solicitor or find a new one.

sadwithkiddies Wed 16-Oct-19 19:23:52

Thank you.
I talked to a friend today who is a solicitor (but not in family law)...she feels I am perfectly capable if representing myself for the kiddies, and has helped me draft an email to my solicitor to say I no longer need representation but will retain her for my divorce.
10k down now so I have to stop somewhere 😲

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