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Money owed by a lawyer

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DuchessMinnie Mon 14-Oct-19 12:58:12

This is a bit of an odd one and I would be grateful if anyone can tell me how they would proceed. Back in February I wanted to pursue constructive dismissal against my former employer and contacted an employment lawyer. They offered me help with my grievance and negotiations for a settlement agreement for a fixed sum of £2.7k including VAT. Then I changed my mind about this, for various reasons, and I never submitted the grievance or pursued my claim. I talked this through with my lawyer and she said if I cancelled she would give me some money back to recognise not all of the work went ahead.

I left my employer in May and started a new job in June. The lawyer offered me £500 + VAT refund by email which I accepted, although had been hoping for more. I chased her in August as I still hadn't heard anything more and she apologised and asked for my bank details which I provided. Since then nothing- no sign of the money and my emails are not replied to.

I have obviously had to write off £2k+ and have put this down to a very expensive lesson in the need to raise a grievance before you hand in your notice, but the small refund would have been some consolation. Do I have the right to this money as it was offered by email? Is there anything I can do to get it? I am aware that this is a fancy London lawyer and I have no legal expertise at all.

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prh47bridge Mon 14-Oct-19 13:26:30

Yes, you have the right to this money.

Send them a letter before action, giving them a reasonable amount of time to pay and stating that you will take legal action if they don't pay up. If the deadline passes without payment you can then take them to court. This will be a small claim so it will cost you £60 to file your claim online. You can add this fee to your claim so that the solicitor has to pay it.

DuchessMinnie Mon 14-Oct-19 15:11:02

Thank you @prh47bridge , that's really helpful.

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