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NRP not agreeing to holiday

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Newtothis213 Sat 12-Oct-19 08:48:28

NRP will not agree to me taking our 1 year old son abroad for a week. Is there anything quick I can do about this? No valid reason for this at all

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Doyoumind Sat 12-Oct-19 08:54:21

You can go to court. You can do it yourself without a solicitor. Download and complete a c100 form. It costs £215.

You could go just about this but probably best to put other arrangements officially in place.

If you get a child arrangements order that states the child lives with you, you can go away without the NRP's permission.

You're expected to consider mediation first.

UnbowedUnbentUnbroken Sat 12-Oct-19 11:57:16

Has your child already got a passport?
You can get one without his permission anyway.
You can go out of the country for up to a month without his permission.
If your child last name is the same as yours on passports you wont even be questioned.
If he wants to stop you he needs to go to court to obtain a prohibited steps order.

Newtothis213 Sat 12-Oct-19 15:24:47

My child has a passport but we have different surnames, i have his birth certificate. Would he need to go to court for a prohibited steps order in this case? It seems all wrong i have to be the one going to court when he is the one objecting to it

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IDontBelieveYou Sat 12-Oct-19 16:29:16

You can only remove the child from the country without the consent of the other parent if you have a residence/lives with order in your name. If you do not have this, you need to apply for a specific issue order.

Newtothis213 Sat 12-Oct-19 16:35:29

Anyone know how much it costs to apply for a residence order then? I don't want to have to apply for a specific issue order everytime i want a holiday. Theres no issues with access at the moment so not sure i can even apply for a residence order though.

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Collaborate Sat 12-Oct-19 16:50:02

You can apply for a residence order at the same time as applying for the specific issue order, so it costs nothing extra.

ThisMustBeMyDream Sat 12-Oct-19 17:57:07

What are his reasons, if there is no issue with contact? Seems odd.
You would be better applying to court if you can not resolve this amicably.
It is £215 which may be reduced to nil depending on your income.
It doesn't sound like you would benefit from legal advice as it is relatively straightforward. So no other costs would be incurred.

Newtothis213 Sat 12-Oct-19 18:13:45

He doesn't get him overnight due to issues with alcohol abuse.

Is the residence order quite straight forward? This is all such a minefield

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Bigregrets19 Sat 12-Oct-19 23:34:02

Really easy. Download the c100 form. Our local court you can now apply online.
Unless he has a really valid reason they'll laugh him out the room.
Itll only get worse if not.

Newtothis213 Sun 13-Oct-19 02:22:08

We've not been through a mediator yet and it looks as if that's required before a c100 form

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MrsBertBibby Sun 13-Oct-19 06:15:29

When are you intending to travel

EmmaGrundyForPM Sun 13-Oct-19 06:35:25

Is your ex objecting taking your son abroad in principle or is he objecting because you're proposing to take your son to somewhere he feels is not suitable/unsafe?

Newtothis213 Sun 13-Oct-19 14:48:57

I want to go to Tenerife next June, its a power thing from what he's telling me.

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MrsBertBibby Sun 13-Oct-19 15:14:11

So start mediation and then apply for the orders. Plenty of time.

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