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Bands in legal 500 and Chambers

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grandpineapple Fri 22-Mar-19 21:21:00

How reliable are the bands in chambers and legal 500? I spoke to a lawyer I liked but I've just found out they are a band 4. Now I'm worried I should see someone in a higher band. She wasn't cheap either - £550 per hour.

Do these bands matter and truly reflect the better firm?

Fernicktylo Fri 22-Mar-19 21:23:48

If the firm are listed they will be good, don't worry about the band unless it is highly specialised or ground beaking work.

grandpineapple Sat 23-Mar-19 08:08:37

Thank you @Fernicktylo I've just realised they don't get a mention in chambers but are in the legal 500. Is that a bad sign then? They weren't cheap so I could probably afford a higher band solicitor for the same price so should I just in case?

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