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Simple Procedure Not Simple - Help?

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Fannybaws52 Fri 22-Mar-19 08:20:39


Is there anyone out there who has experience of the Simple Procedure via Scottish Civil Court or anyone who can give legal tips?

We are facing a David V Goliath situation responding against a claim lodged by a wealthy bully whom we just can't afford to fight back against.

Even if we give up, they intend to ask for costs that double the amount initially claimed for. We can't win and we can't defend either against this bully.

I'm looking for advice on what is and isn't allowed. Mediation failed so we are now going to a pre evidence hearing.

The Claimant is now hiring a solicitor and is going to charge us expenses for their own time at £60 per hour.

If anyone can give me tips, advice or guidance, it would be gratefully received.

This is for the Scottish system.
Thank you.

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