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enduring power of attorney

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endofthelinefinally Thu 21-Mar-19 15:10:59

If an EPA was written, signed and witnessed in 2003, is it still valid?
Am I correct in understanding that my designated attorney registers the EPA at the point when he needs to act?
Can I add my now adult DC to the existing EPA or do I have to make 2 LPAs and pay to register them before they are needed?
I have a progressive condition and I need peace of mind.

wigglypiggly Fri 22-Mar-19 13:51:21

Have a look at the Gov.UK site under Enduring Power of Attorney. I think you may have to register 2 LPA, one for finance which can be used as soon as its registered and the other for health and welfare which can only be used once someone loses mental capacity to make decisions. I thi k it's best to pay and register them so they are ready and in place.

endofthelinefinally Fri 22-Mar-19 14:06:15

Thank you.

MrsFezziwig Fri 22-Mar-19 14:14:39

It is still valid (for property/money only, they don’t cover health & welfare) but I don’t think you can just add people on, so you would probably need two new ones. I personally would register them straight away - they cannot be used by the attorneys to go against your wishes as even when registered your opinions are still paramount.

TheRoadToRuin Fri 22-Mar-19 15:26:53

I suspect you need a new LPA for the DC. DH and I did this, making each other and both adult DC attorneys. We haven't bothered with health and welfare as we took the view that family would be consulted anyway, but you might want to consider that in view of your health.
You register them straight away but they only come into force when needed.
It's easy enough to DIY, lots of guidance online.

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