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If you die intestate with children...

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Hohofortherobbers Sat 23-Mar-19 23:01:07

Make a will, do not 'wait to get a few things in place'. Make a will which covers that uncertainty which is delaying you, whatever it may be. With correct wording you'll have a will which says 'should I die whilst (this issue) is ongoing, I would like (etc etc)' just make a will.

tisonlymeagain Wed 20-Mar-19 14:32:24

Thanks for that. I do intend to make a will obviously but there are a few things to put in place first and I don't really want my (useless) parents managing things for my kids. I think my kids would do a better job! No spouse, a have a live-in partner but he's not the father and we're not married.

over50andfab Tue 19-Mar-19 21:28:34

The trustees would be the personal representatives, or administrators. Look here
I think where there are no relatives the state appoints someone to administer the estate.

Btw if there is a spouse they inherit too with certain rules - just google intestacy laws. Also I don’t know where you live, so the link above might not give the correct info.

tisonlymeagain Tue 19-Mar-19 21:07:15

...I understand that they would be next of kin and that the estate would be held in a statutory trust until they were 18, but what I don't understand is who would be the trustees in this situation. Can't find any information on this online. Can anyone shed any light?

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