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Credit brokers in rent arrears, anything extra can be done?

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Jux Tue 19-Mar-19 13:28:10

We rent/lease a shop premises to a car leasing firm; they are actually a pair of local guys.

They have failed to pay the rent or the electricity. The rent is 3 months in advance and electricity monthly in arrears of which they owe 6 months.

We have tried to contact them, using phone and email both business and personal to no avail. The sums aren't huge but we need that money badly as we have experienced a sharp decline in income in the last year.

I have seen on their website that they are credit brokers - an adjunct to their business I suppose - and I wondered if that would give us any extra leverage, ie report them to the FSA as having this debt?

Jeezoh Tue 19-Mar-19 16:54:05

You can report them to the FCA as they’ll be interested in the intelligence but they can’t help you make them pay up.

Jux Wed 20-Mar-19 15:41:23

We spoke to the guy this a.m., he's winding the company up. He says he'll tryy to give us the money but we don't think we'll see him again. There's brand new desks, monitor sceens, other office furniture there. We have nowhere to store it but need the place emptied. I don't know if we can sell it or what.

Bloody PITA aaaaaaargh

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