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Dangerous driving

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CanaBanana Wed 13-Jun-18 10:21:18

My friend had a car accident in September where a teenage boy ran out right in front of her on a 60mph road and was sadly killed. This was confirmed by a witness. The police investigated and in February they told my friend they'd decided it was an accident. However the boy's family refused to accept this and hired a private investigator. As a result my friend has now been charged with dangerous driving. She's pleading not guilty.

I'm struggling to understand what has happened here? Surely the decision of the police should be the final word?

Ifailed Wed 13-Jun-18 10:27:11

It's the CPS who would decide whether to prosecute, presumably the PI has unearthed evidence that under the Victims Right to Review has convinced them there is a case to answer?

AnneOfCleavage Wed 13-Jun-18 11:29:50

But if it was witnessed by someone seeing that he ran across the road and the car couldn't stop on a 60 MPH road then I don't see why the family hired a PI let alone this PI saying there is now a case!

The family are obviously devastated by their son dying as a result of running across the road which is understandable but the poor car driver must also be devastated as no one wants that ever happening.

It's a sad story that's for sure al round.

worridmum Wed 13-Jun-18 17:49:58

The PI could of found more evidence that could prove the eye witness was lying and or the situation did not play out like first through it is exactly why the victim right to review exists and if your friend is truly innocent for wrong doing it will come out in court.

Aka the private investigator can spend more time find more evidence then the police, in these types of cases police might not have the resources to do a further investigation espically if a "eye witness" says something that matches the driver. (you will be surpirse how many people call friends to act as eye witness at scenes of accidents, they tell said ailbi what to say / there own story and aks them to colibrate).

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