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False Made Up Report

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Grandad44 Tue 13-Mar-18 22:13:48

Good evening everyone. I have joined this very powerful forum initially as I am really worried about my daughter and my Grandson.

Some low life hateful scumbag reported her to the NSPCC with a completely fabricated pack of lies. Obviously the report had to be investigated but every single response confirmed she is a Brilliant Mummy.

Unfortunately this not only caused her untold stress but also my wife and I to the point I had to be rushed into hospital.

My daughter cannot let all this drop and has started to sink into depression. Given the fact the person making up this report has been proven to be a liar we reported it to the Police but they dont want to know. They say it is a civil matter.

The person making the report did so annonamously online at 01:45. The NSPCC say they are ready to provide the IP Address to the Police but without their involvement we are stuffed.

How can criminals be allowed to be protected by Data Protection? It stinks and has caused upset on a massive scale.

Any advice on how we can cope and move on would be really appreciated. In the meantime my daughter has raised this with our MP to no avail and has launched a Petition to get the law changed so anyone proven to be causing grief and upset will not be protected.

Thanks in advance for any support or advice you can offer.

Kitchenbound Wed 14-Mar-18 08:48:59

My blood is absolutely boiling at reading this post.

The most important thing to focus on is that the most important people in your daughters life (yourself, your wife, your grandchild and herself) all know the truth. She is a wonderful mother and has done nothing wrong. She's experienced an absolutely sickening personal attack by someone who clearly needs to 1) grow a pair and stop hiding their identity and 2) get mental help stat. Only the lowest of the low would make false allegations about something so severe.

There are no magical words anyone can say that will make this better for her and make the pain of being questioned as a parent go away. Keep the lines of communication wide open and let her know how much you love her and how much you support her.

Could you hire a private investigator? It seems very 'movies' and I'll possibly get flamed for this but it might be a way to find the deplorable person that did this. Speak to the NSPCC again. Tell them you are not getting support from the police at this time - they maybe have some advice on what you can do?

I would also strongly recommend your daughter (And frankly yourself) seek counselling. It will not make it go away but being able to talk to someone completely uninvolved and unbiased can sometimes help in finding coping mechanisms.

Do not give up on the MP. Something needs to be done and perseverance may be the key there. Another way to look at it is let it go do not let this person win by dragging out the pain but admittedly easier said than done.

Hang in there i hope you get some more advice from other posters here xx

Grandad44 Wed 14-Mar-18 12:31:41

Thanks for the post. The NSPCC have said we could get a court order but added their legal team would fight it on the grounds that as they promise data protection they should keep to it.

My daughter has tried to focus elsewhere on raising money for the National Autistic Society and only recently asked her if she could run for them at The London Marathon. She is doing really well so far but we still have the challenge of getting to her target amount.

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