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Contracts & changes to them... (lettings - I'm the landlord)

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viccat Tue 13-Mar-18 12:04:50

I've been renting out a flat through a lettings agency (one of the big high st names) for a couple of years now. There's just been a change of tenants and as such I had to sign new Terms of Business.

The agent's representative emailed me a copy to sign on 24th Feb, and I printed, signed and scanned to return the same day. The tenants finally moved in last week after various issues (all caused by the agents...)

I've just received an email from the agent's representative (the same who signed the ToS) to say he has given me the wrong fees previously, and needs me to sign new ToS. Of course, the fees are now higher. Not a huge amount but I'm so annoyed with the agency at the moment that this has just really pushed my buttons... (He said the fee was 8%, now he is saying it's 9.6%)

Where do I stand? Can they just hike the fee like this, or is their signed contract from 24th Feb binding?

He is saying they can't "process the file" until I sign the new ToS. Of course the tenants have moved in now and have a standard 6 month AST so I don't know what happens if I just refuse to sign and pay more?

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