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Appointed guardian

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Alicia60 Fri 09-Feb-18 11:58:35

Hi Im not sure if anyone out there has experienced anything like this but Im seeking some help and advice. Long story short my grandaughter has been in the court system since she was born because my daughters ex was intent on her hurting her. He had no interest in my granddaughter and did many things that were detrimental to her, however my daughter kept letting her go as he would keep taking her back to court on the occasions where she stopped contact.( with legitimate reasons) 2 years ago he kept my granddaughter from us and wouldn't return her she was 6yrs old and begging to see her mother he then attempted to take her from her school the school telephoned the police as she was hysterical and didn't want to go. There are 2 more occasions where this happened and even his girlfriend went to the school with an old court order stating that she was to go with her..thankfully the school were aware that this was not the case and phoned my daughter immediately. All this was evidenced and a section 7 report was written stating these facts he didn't turn up to the final hearing because it was damning to him... so all contact was stopped and he was allowed to send letters birthday cards and xmas cards...he didn't bother.... 2years later he has made an application to the court for shared residence??? Stating he had a life threatening illness so he couldn't see his daughter. We know this not to be true. Its been to court and CAFCASS have written a report which all I can say is that I"m positive that they do not know the meaning of the word IMPARTIAL... nothing in the report about the damage he has done to my granddaughter and will continue to do if access was to be restarted. We have put a complaint in about the person who did the report and it is ongoing. Out of her recommendations which were: surpervised contact, leading on to unsupervised or a guardian appointed The judge went with guardian and now we find out the guardian is the same person that wrote the report and is already demanding access starts up immediately?? Surely whilst this complaint is being investigated she shouldn't be anywhere near this, we have no faith in this woman and we know that this is not in my granddaughters best interests?

Snowydaysarehere Fri 09-Feb-18 12:03:40

You need a barrister or a good solicitor. Mine got my dc legal guardian thrown out of court for admitting his 4 YEAR report was based on info from my exh!! He was a cafcass senior welfare officer then the appointed guardian!! It was a total farce. Exh got nc.

Alicia60 Tue 13-Feb-18 08:36:41

Hi Snowydaysarehere
Thanks for your reply...we have spent thousands over the last 6 years on Barristers since my granddaughter was born, my daughter just cannot afford anymore...she works hard to keep a roof over my granddaughters head

Snowydaysarehere Tue 13-Feb-18 10:45:22

I would let it go back to court. Highlight in pen the things your dispute, keep a diary, were school involved? Can you request a CAF?

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