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pleeeassseee advice me

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emilyamt Thu 08-Feb-18 13:12:18

hi, I am looking to get an advice or to hire a solicitor te help me out with a parent plan or preparing to make arrangements and reaching an agreement regarding my child.
From my previous marriage I have a 6 years old daughter, I divorced in March 2016 and since then ,me and my ex wife ,we are having issues making a visiting schedule to respect.
I was trying the amicable way ,but everytime we failed and things are becoming worse.
I tried as well to solve things tru MIAM ( mediation) but she didnt agree that we can understood so next step is going to the court.
I also have from divorce a notariale document certified by a notary in Romania,on mutual agreement where is stated that I can have contact with my daughter 6 days / monthly. She,my ex wife aloud me contact with my daughter more than 6 days per month but the main issues are the schedule,her treatment besides me, her personality and her behaviour towards me everytime I contact her regarding our daughter. Sometimes I have her for 3 days per week and then I cannot see her for another 3 weeks.
I found it very hard to communicate with my ex wife and lately she finds everything an issue to bully me and to blackmail me that if I dont like her treatment and her visit plans she will not aloud me to have contact with my girl.
So thats way I want to detach from this type of treatment unhealty for my new marriage and for my physical and mental health,and I was thinking that a legal visit plan will help me to have a quite life and regular contact with my daughter.
Just want to mention from the time I decided to take this way my ex wife is very angry and she doesnt aloud me to see my daughter anymore and she is very determined to go to court (she has solicitors friend who will help her for free). I would like to avoid the court because
going to court can be costly ,money I cannot really afford.
I was wondering if this document what I have has any value here or is any possibility to make it legal?
And then just to find a easiest and cheapest way to arrange an visit plan.

roseannaleeXo Thu 08-Feb-18 13:25:12

I had similar situation to you I took the ex to court it only cost me to get a miam done he didn't want that didn't attend, so off I went to court, if you have already had a miam you can apply to the courts depending on your circumstances you may not have to pay the court fee etc if you get benefits low income that sort of thing? Then you can represent your self. I hired a solicitor as I have other children to deal with. If you go with a reasonable plan in place all the stuff you need, instead of turning up with nothing they will look at you and see you are trying to make a effort. Try and not make the situation about your ex as they see it as about the parents arguing and not having the main focus on the child. If you go for your daughter with your plan and dismiss your ex ways it makes you look the better person. I know it is hard it made me so mad to not slag the ex off by saying she does she does that, but it does really help to keep quiet about that. Sorry I can't be of more help it is very bad when you have a court order but they think because the child is with them it is there way or no way! I hope it gets sorted for you thanks

roseannaleeXo Thu 08-Feb-18 13:26:52

Regards to the document you could take that but they may just make a new order if it wasn't at U.K. Courts if that makes sense etc unless you come up with a better version With all your bits you need you have a better chance and case.

emilyamt Thu 08-Feb-18 14:15:40

thank you ever so much for your advice, I am a driver and my new wife a dental nurse, no i dont take any benefits or low income help!

QuiteLikely5 Thu 08-Feb-18 14:17:43

Court is the only way. Keep all evidence. Text messages, emails from her.

emilyamt Thu 08-Feb-18 14:41:08

From MIAM they gave me the c100 form that i can feel up and go to court and will cost me 215£ i think....and when I get to court i do need a plan? a visit plan ? on that 6 days that i have an my romanian paper? or? so sorry I am a bit confused! 🙈

roseannaleeXo Thu 08-Feb-18 14:52:18

I know it horrible but maybe pay the 215 if you don't get low income etc not really another way around that, take the paper you do have but set out what contact you would like on new paper that suits you all and then go to court if you go with at least something it will help you more ,instead of turning up saying you don't know or don't have anything in mind.

emilyamt Thu 08-Feb-18 15:28:26

thank you so much for all your answers! ⚘

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