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Divorce/ court fees for finances ?? Help !!

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Djc82 Mon 05-Feb-18 19:42:44

So short story
Marriage ended August H moved out October, we have joint mortgage on home which H wants sold but I financially can not afford to sell as will not be able to afford renting etc and I also work from my home
I have filed for divorce which has been sent to the court H has refused mediation now so what happens next ( I do have a solicitor) does anyone know what this is going to cost ?? Can I get any help with costs
Any advice would be good or if anyone’s been through this
We have 2 children 8&11

RedHelenB Wed 07-Feb-18 06:12:38

You won't get help with costs I'm afraid as they have tightened up legal aid for low incomes. If you have a solicitorthey shold have told you thever costs and also a timeline for what needs to happen when.

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