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Sold a Car Unfit for Use

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Unexpectedbaby Sat 13-Jan-18 12:23:24

we purchased a 61 reg car last week for £8k that also had a RAC safety check from a RAC approved dealer and yesterday the engine malfunction light came on and it started making a dragging noise when driving.

After calling the garage they agreed to reimburse us for any work needed and we could get it done locally as we are over 100 miles away.

Today the car is in and following a diagnostic we have been told that the front wheel bearing has gone completely, the DPF needs doing and the rear break discs are corroded and pads worn to an unsafe level. Called the dealer and they have agreed to pay for the bearing and DPF but say the brakes would be our wear and tear and are not willing to pay what the garage is quoting (Halfords).

Does anyone know where we stand legally with the brakes? We have not used the at enough to have caused unsafe wear and tear on it. It was driven the motorway journey home and then a 10 minutes return journey everyday since.

Halfords are currently doing the other bits, including smashing the lock in wheel nuts off because they are not present, granted we forgot to check that but I don't appreciate the guy accusing me of taking them out of the car. If we pay for the brakes will we legally be able to claim back?

specialsubject Sat 13-Jan-18 12:52:00

What does the last m o t say? Dealers normally sell cars with a fresh m o t.

Any car dealer can be a crook, approved or not. This is going to be a battle. What do the r a c approvals people say?

Unexpectedbaby Sat 13-Jan-18 12:56:27

Last mot no advisories end of September.

Trying to get hold of rac. The check department are Monday to Friday and the switchboard is sending me in circles. Going to try again and just try and speak to a person who can get me through to the right dept.

reddington Sat 13-Jan-18 15:19:14

You’ve made a mistake using halfords in the first instance. These fast fit centres are notorious for doing unnecessary work, there is certainly a chance that the rear brakes don’t need doing at all, I’d be insisting that they show you the issue. Bearing in mind that the pads will only really need changing once worn to about 1mm.

specialsubject Sat 13-Jan-18 15:26:08

On reflection, pads and disks are £100 per corner if that. Dpf is very expensive so that's the important bit - and you could not have spotted that.

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