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Splitting transport costs if one parent moves?

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SmokeyKitchen Thu 07-Dec-17 14:00:55

I am RP and moved approx 50 miles to another town. Ex sees dc in a contact centre. For the past few months since move it's been infrequent and always in our new home town.

He's asked me to agree to bring them turn about to his home town, and I've agreed and asked for a proposal how to do it. He's not coming up with one.

He's saying that since I haven't brought them to his town since move I should be paying half his travel costs to see them here going forwards. But I'm willing to take them to him every other time.

I found the contact centre in my new town and arranged it all so that there would be no break to the established contact pattern. I pay for half of each contact session, even though it's not my behaviour that means supervision is required. I don't see why it should be up to me to arrange a contact centre in his town too - but am I being petty?

Should I be contributing to his travel costs, even though I'm willing for contact to not always be here?

Fwiw, split was due to dv, he didn't pay any maintenance for a year, until I went through CMS recently, supervised contact is not court ordered but I was told by social workers that they'd put dc on CIN plan or some such if I let them see him unsupervised.

MidniteScribbler Sat 09-Dec-17 02:51:50

You moved, so it should be your responsibility to take your child, or pay his travel costs.

It's his behaviour that is the reason for the contact centre, so he should pay for that.

SmokeyKitchen Sat 09-Dec-17 08:59:56

Is that a legal view? And so even though I'm willing to bring them to him every other contact I should still pay for all travel?

He will not pay for all contact centre costs, so it's either me paying half or the children not getting to see him. I'm doing it for their sake.

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