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If the contact hearing doesn't go well, what next?

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sothisisnew Mon 04-Dec-17 16:28:05

My DP has his final hearing next week on trying to increase his contact with his 2 young DC. Their mum moved away with them, and although he has since moved to narrow the gap there is a chance that the mags will agree with their mum that it's too far to have them overnight in the week.

My question is, what happens if he doesn't get the extra contact he sorely wants?:
Does he wait for the children to get older and try again? If so, how does he know how long to wait?
Do we move closer again? If so, how close to we need to go? Will this judgement be taken into account when hearing the next one, ie will the magistrates give him any guidance he can rely on? And if he does move, there is nothing he can do stop her moving again, right?

Does he try to negotiate with their mum and get an agreement from her as to what she will agree to? If so, is there an approach anyone could recommend, given the reason he's in court in the first place is that the only contact he has now has been gained via solicitors?

I appreciate there is no easy answer, but I feel quite lost about it, and I just want to help him to do the 'right' thing. Please help!

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