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Contentious probate -final distribution

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lamettarules Sat 02-Dec-17 09:11:10

As beneficiaries we have had long running argument with the executor to force them to admit to the existence of an asset ( overseas land ) and it's valuation ,representation of minor etc etc

The executor is using a solicitor ,we haven't been able to .

It occurs to me that should the land be sold the executor will simply claim and deduct high fees incurred by the solicitor ( the executor's friend ) in answering the beneficiaries questions and there will be little left to distribute .

Do those with legal expertise think this likely to be the case ?

The executor ,at the time claiming no knowledge of overseas assets and that any investigation of such was down to the beneficiaries and beyond the executor's remit ,went ahead and distributed rest of estate .So claims there are no funds left in estate to meet any further expenses .

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