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Lying about domestic abuse to get legal aid

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Iceiceice Thu 30-Nov-17 08:59:36

Hi guys.

What happens if you lie about domestic abuse to get legal aid.

Long story short a very close friend of mine has been abused by his ex partner for years. The abuse was physical, emotional and financial. She has also threatened to kill me and my children (the police are involved).

However she constantly lies and claims he's the abuser. She doesn't have a shred of evidence. He has a mountain including marak, Idva and his employers will happily support him as they've witnessed the injuries etc.

We are certain she will go for legal aid..

How likely is she to get it? The only thing on record is that she made an allegation to the police of "light bruising" to the inside of her thighs but no evidence. This was also only made after he reported her the first time.

What's likely to happen when she applies?

She also claims to be using an online solicitor and keeps telling him to go through them but they won't even confirm they're representing her.

He is going to speak to his solicitor again but in the meantime I was wondering Deri g if anyone here had experience of lies to get legal aid.

MrsBertBibby Thu 30-Nov-17 09:47:42

If she has the correct evidence she will get legal aid. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as a lawyer will advise her, and mean the judge gives her far less leeway.

From what you say, though, she won't have the evidence required.

Iceiceice Thu 30-Nov-17 10:02:04

She definitely has no evidence. She's had nothing done to her.

He has photos, videos, marak referrals and alsorts. The evidence he has is overwhelming.

WellWhoKnew Thu 30-Nov-17 10:19:40

Her having a lawyer is a good thing if she's so volatile as part of a lawyer's role is to manage the client.

2boysDad Thu 30-Nov-17 12:15:23

Since your friend is the real victim here, HE needs to go for legal aid too.

That's what it's there for!

Since she's already threatened to kill you and your kids (which is relevant as you're his partner) you already have a head start on this. He needs to report any other abuse he's suffered to the police ASAP and apply for legal aid immediately afterwards.

Iceiceice Fri 01-Dec-17 10:47:40


We aren't in a relationship or living together or anything. She's got it into her head we are. I would like to be but he is in no state to be entering into anything like that.

He works legitimately (she works but claims benefits too. She's shagging her boss so he pays her cash in hand. I know this because my ex partner worked for him too and knows the boss from childhood).

It feels like everything is against us. I met him through her. I was friends with her until I witnessed her abuse and called her out on it outside my house.

The eldest two children are friends with mine from school. Mine moved school now though. But the middle child particularly has told my son lots of things. She is only 4 and my boy is six. She told him her mummy cut daddy's skin open with a knife and lots of blood came out. She's td him that the mum hits her too. She has trichtotillomania which developed after the mum threw their dad out. She's ripping chunks out of her head thee s huge bald patches.

Social services have Ben abysmal. She has a support worker who warns her when social services are making an unannounced visit so she can clean her house. No one's even spoken to the kids. No assessments no nothing.

Caffcass is calling my friend on the 6th. Will someone speak to the kids? They're very open about the abuse they're suffering from their mother. None of us have ever quizzed them. They just come out with it randomly during g play etc.

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