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Ex breached his own contact order

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Lovemenoooooww Tue 21-Nov-17 10:44:14

My DD’s (almost 9 year old) father took me to court this year for more contact. He was granted a few weekdays after school and EOW if he signed an undertaking to the court in regards to drugs being used in his household and not exposing my DD to them.

However since the court order was granted he has failed to show for most of his weekends. He just doesn’t show and then acts like nothing has happened when I question it. He is even denying not showing up on these weekends.

He is now threatening to take me to court saying it’s me who’s breached the order!

He has also recently told my daughter not to tell me when she is ill. My DD told me this last week.

Some background: He has multiple convictions of DV and is a compulsive liar who continues to harass me through not only my DD but also other family members.

What Can I do here if he’s breaching order and accusing me of it?

Lovemenoooooww Tue 21-Nov-17 10:45:08

FYI He’s not allowed over nights

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 21-Nov-17 12:09:32

Keep a written record due to turn up X date and Y time -did not turn up. Regular records will outweigh him saying yeah I did turn up.

Justbookedasummmerholiday Tue 21-Nov-17 12:11:59

May I suggest you take photos of dd on the days he is claiming to have her. Dates will be on the pics should you need evidence she was with you.

OSETmum Tue 21-Nov-17 12:12:08

Take photos of her on the days when he should be having her with you, with a date stamp if you can.

OSETmum Tue 21-Nov-17 12:12:34

Crossed post Justbooked!

tickingthebox Tue 21-Nov-17 12:21:23

You need to look at what he is trying to achieve - he wants to say that you have failed to provide DD for court ordered contact.

Taking a picture of her in your care when he is meant to have her won't do the trick as it will just prove he is correct and she isn't having the court ordered contact.

I think you need to send him texts or emails or something (how do you communicate normally?), asking why he hasn't shown up to collect and screen shot the answers.

So if he is due to get her at 9am on Saturday, text to aks where he is for example. Shows you are trying to facilitate the contact and that it is he who is the no-show....

tickingthebox Tue 21-Nov-17 12:22:37

* text at 9:10 and 9:20 - so you can if necessary prove to a court that you were there waiting for him to collect.

Lovemenoooooww Wed 22-Nov-17 09:03:08

Thanks everyone flowers much appreciated!

Great advice here. His lies are usually seen through in court so I’m sure it’ll be fine as long as I keep records etc

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