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Got a restraining order and no contact order against ex

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GotThisFar Sat 11-Nov-17 01:09:29

I have a restraining order and a no contact order for my children against my ex

I didn't expect the no contact order

I have 2 children with my ex. My eldest shares the same last name as me and my youngest has the same last name as is father. He's actually named fully after his father because I was bullied into it.

So every so often I get letters for m son but their my attackers name.

Do you think court would let me change his last name? Considering me md his sister have the same name and his father isn't allowed to contact them due to his violent behaviour?

It bothers me he's not the same as us and it upsets me to receive letters. Do you think it can be done?

MrsBertBibby Sat 11-Nov-17 08:31:30

You would have to go back to court, and he would have to be aware, so could of course oppose it.

It's not easy to get a name change although the fact one child has your name may help. But could you face another round of court against his dad? Who may reapply for contact etc....

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