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Possibly WILL Fraud

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Mary1935 Thu 02-Nov-17 14:01:43

Hi - if anyone can advise I would be grateful.
My uncle married when he was 40 to a woman he previously had a relationship when he was 20 (she was married at the time).(I shall call her Mary)
When Mary came to live with my uncle she brought with her one son who was about 15 - she had three older children whom we never knew or saw.
Approx 2 years ago it was said that Mary's oldest daughter (let's call her Molly) was actually my uncles child. However the younges son has said "oh Molly's dad is such and such"
My aunt died last year and a will was wrote - I am concerned that she is not his actual daughter and has been left the inheritance. My uncle had no other children. My auntie (who lives in Australia would be his legal next of kin.
He is currently in hospital and is dying.
Any advice for me or a good solicitor in London.
Thanks a lot.

RatherBeRiding Thu 02-Nov-17 14:09:57

Slightly confused.

So Mary is actually your uncle's wife? Second wife? Who is the "aunt" who died last year - was that Mary? And what relationship is the Australian aunt to your uncle - first wife or sister?

Regardless - if your uncle has left a will naming certain individuals as beneficiaries, then they inherit. Whether they be blood relatives, relatives by marriage, next door neighbours or the milkman.

Same applies to any will your aunt (who may or may not be Mary) has left behind.

If there was no will then the laws of intestacy apply, and only blood relatives can inherit. Obviously there would have to be proof that they are blood relatives.

Mary1935 Thu 02-Nov-17 22:26:14

Thanks Rather - sorry if it was clear -I won't need to clarify as I understand you perfectly. Yes - he can leave his money to who ever he has chosen too in the will. Thanks a lot it's helpful. Best wishes

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