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Ex partner wanting to sell family home

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Generallyok Wed 01-Nov-17 22:07:48

I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice please. My Dsis has recently spilt up with her partner who has run back to be with his parents, leaving my Dsis with a 3 year old with autism and a 1 year old baby. They have a joint mortgage on a property with repayments of £400. Her ex partner has decided he would like them to sell the house and she is devastated as she wants to remain in the house. They have had the mortgage 5 years. Can he force her to sell. She can just about pay the mortgage herself ( unable to work as she caring for autistic child). Can he force her if she can't pay him off? He is being generally unreasonable about everything and doesn't really give much support with the children.

RedastheRose Wed 01-Nov-17 22:36:22

She needs to go and see a solicitor, if she has no income she may be entitled to legal aid. She needs to get a SHL on her side to fight for what she is entitled to. He can't just walk away from his responsibilities.

babybarrister Thu 02-Nov-17 16:24:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsBertBibby Thu 02-Nov-17 17:14:55

Yes, I'd say she has a strong case to stay in the home until the kids are grown. He would have to wait until then for his share.

Is he paying child support?

Bekabeech Thu 02-Nov-17 18:17:20

Are they married? Is she in England and Wales or Scotland?
Basically she needs legal advice ASAP.

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