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Supervised contact finished, back to court

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Jamielee444 Sat 28-Oct-17 22:40:08

My ex hadn't seen my daughter for 11 months when contact started. She was 9months old when he left. The court ordered supervised contact to reintroduce him to her. After 2 sessions we were back in court (it took him 2 months to arrange the first session) the court ordered more supervised contact and it to be moved from the contact centre to a place in the community supervised by a mutual friend. We have had 6 sessions of these, in total 9 sessions. Out of the 9 sessions there has been only one where my daughter has interacted with him. He is insistent that she will go to him and he will have 2 or even 3 hours of unsupervised contact. She won't separate from me. He hasn't even spoken to her. What can I expect when we're back in court in a few weeks?

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