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Reapplying for title deeds

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coneywonder Fri 27-Oct-17 19:43:25

Bare with me because I don't entirely know what I am talking about but we are ready to exchange (from our side) on a new property.

Today we get a phone call from the estate agent telling us that our sellers new property has missing deeds. It was two houses and is now one. They've said land registry will check if the missing deeds are in the archive and if not they will need to reapply for them. Does anyone have any experience with this and does anyone know how long it takes to reapply?

The vendors were concerned we were going to pull out which suggests to me it will take a while! Any advice?

Tiglet2 Sat 28-Oct-17 16:05:46

If Land Registry hold the deeds, most are downloadable instantly. Some old deeds may have to be copied and sent by post, but this doesn't usually take too long. I imagine the solicitors want to see the deeds for the two houses before they became one house.

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like you're near to exchange unless you can go independent of the sellers new property.

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