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Fashion store claim - Compensation Recovery Unit - dd under 18

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Awks Mon 23-Oct-17 18:54:50

My 17 year old dd bought a bodysuit from a store (she's had loads with no problems). It was a funny, thick polyester material but she's 17 - she doesn't care about breathable, natural fabric grin . She wore it twice and it rubbed the skin off her nethers so badly that it caused friction burns (so said GP). She had to go to GP twice, had 2 different creams over 2 months as it wasn't healing and couldn't wear tight clothing over the summer. It's still scarred.

So she wrote to the customer care centre, and after loads of to-ing /fro-ing and sending the item to them, they offered her the £22 back. She asked me what to do and I said tell them to stuff it, ask for your item back and ask them to escalate under their complaints procedure if you're not satisfied.

Then we received a letter from their legal people, saying they'd referred to the compensation recovery unit and she had to sign a medical record declaration form. They refused to send her item back.

My q's are - can you refer a 17 year old to the CRU?
Can she consent to disclosure of med records at 17?
Why on earth are they faffing when a gift voucher and a sorry would have done fine.

Any thoughts or advice, v welcome

prh47bridge Mon 23-Oct-17 19:58:36

Not only can they refer the claim to the CRU, they are required to do so. The CRU don't decide on the claim. However, if your daughter's claim is successful the store must pay the CRU the amount of any injury-related benefits she has received.

Yes, she can consent to disclosure of her medical records.

They are "faffing" because you've rejected their offer of returning the cost of the goods and are demanding more. They therefore need proof that your daughter is entitled to more.

Awks Mon 23-Oct-17 20:03:15

Thank you , that's helpful.

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