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Power of Attorney - lacked capacity

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jewel1968 Sun 15-Oct-17 13:46:49

Also posted in Dementia

My parent has lacked capacity for about 2 years however 2 siblings have successfully applied for lasting power of attorney about a year ago. I have written evidence from one of the siblings 8 months before they applied for POA stating the parent lacked capacity. I am estranged from these siblings (whole other story) and have not engaged with them on this. I do not know what or how they are spending the parent's money. What would happen if I reported to Office of Public Guardian if they were to accept the parent lacked capacity and could not apply for Power of Attorney. Thanks

whataboutbob Sun 15-Oct-17 21:40:57

No none on this board can predict how the OPG will react. It has been said they are not terribly proactive, but if you have compelling written evidence that your parent didn't have capacity and siblings knew it I would think the OPG should investigate. Who certified your parent as having capacity (a GP/ neighbour etc)?

jewel1968 Tue 17-Oct-17 08:20:15

Spoke with OPG and they agreed I had what sounded like good evidence to support my claim and that I could formally raise a concern. However it was implied that this may not be the best option and seemed to suggest it may not be best to parent. If their investigation revealed the money was spent in her interest then no harm done seemed to be the thrust. As we are NC I cannot know if it is spent appropriately but I have my doubts given the personality.

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