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Help stbx claiming hardship

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Julcol Wed 11-Oct-17 14:49:30

Sorry long story
Having mediation to sort finance, my ex has a good job god salary earning capacity, he also has substantial future inheritance , which I am not interested in, I have a small business which unfortunately due to serious health problems I am having to sell also due to to my long term health my earnings capacity will be extremely limited, my stbe wants me to claim benefits he does not want to pay me anything, he is living in the marital home as he would not leave situations become unbearable so I moved into shared rental accommodation 2 years ago! This is how long he has dragged it out I have no savings no pension and a NI shortage, children all independent, we have a large amount of mortgage to pay off as we have only paid interest only because he has always intended paying it off with his inheritance, now he is claiming he wants to start paying it off and I have to help he doesn't want to sell because he doesn't want to live in a small house! No mention of paying me out equity, he has put his expenses up so high that it makes it look like he has no money, he is now saying he will not necessarily get inheritance, to pay off the mortgage or any other means, he lives a luxury lifestyle, I will have to carry on sharing and pay the mortgage , not been back in touch with solicitor yet due to costs waiting for more of his bull any ideas please.

prh47bridge Wed 11-Oct-17 16:52:01

It is not at all clear what you are asking here. It sounds like your stbx is being unreasonable but no-one on here can give you detailed advice. However, if you are eligible for benefits you should claim them. You won't get more from your ex by not claiming benefits to which you are entitled.

Julcol Wed 11-Oct-17 17:17:13

Sorry yes I'm happy to claim benefits if entitled well not happy but accept my disability, I suppose what I'm saying is he is claiming to be struggling with income because he now wants to pay the mortgage from his monthly wages so he doesn't have to help me re house, the equity is not enough for me to buy a property or any where close, plus my age incapacity to earn, when the divorce financial are settled he will stop paying the mortgage as he knows he has inheritance far and above what it will cost to pay it off yet he expects me to help cover the mortgage now because he doesn't want to sell or move out of the property but I know he intends to buy or move in with his new partner as soon as settlement is done he wants clean break, married 24 years, maybe I just wanted someone to understand or tell me he is being unfair, basically he is lying in mediation and being manipulating ad always ,, me me me and I !!!

LoverOfCake Wed 11-Oct-17 17:21:31

You should be able to either force the sale of the house or for him to buy you out as part of the divorce settlement.

The house is a joint marital asset and as such he doesn't get to decide that he's just going to stay there without paying you your share.

Speak to your solicitor but the courts should be able to force a house sale as part of the settlement.

As your children are independent it is unlikely that you would be awarded anything else in terms of e.g. Spousal maintenance so I would concentrate on the house as a priority.

Julcol Wed 11-Oct-17 18:25:50

Yes thank you I am waiting for all his proposals before I go back to my solicitor as every letter cost £25 etc. He seems to think he doesn't have to sell and no mention of paying me out as he is so poor !

Julcol Wed 11-Oct-17 18:26:33

It doesn't help that his new partner is a criminal lawyer!

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