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Adjourning the first FDHRA

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lollipop7 Thu 05-Oct-17 21:40:32

After a bit of advice.... I just want to make it clear in advance that I am looking for help in relation to the procedure and the likelihood of this being an appropriate course of action. I am not looking to wriggle out of a situation I am not prepared for or want to hide from to prolong the inevitable. It is based on wanting to carry my baby to terms as much as possible.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and next week I have the first FDRHA I will be thirty six weeks then.
I've been in and out of hospital four times this week due to reduced movement, tightening and now had to have scans and x rays to make sure my lungs are ok. I also have commenced a course of iron transfusions so all in all I'm feeling shocking.

The baby is also transverse so the tightening are a cause for concern and require monitoring as if my waters break I will need a c section without delay. My labours are rather quick once established as my first child was almost a caul birth so it's very relevant.

My solicitor today has advised we apply for an adjournment. I've had the CAFCASS phone interview and the officer said she was leaning towards fact finding and section 7 on the telephone.

I want to get it over with but my situation is difficult to predict, I'm in hospital for monitoring the day before and they're constantly in two mind whether to admit me or not. I am also worried that the stress on the day will badly affect me and the baby. The phone contact alone for the children makes me really anxious and stressed as he uses it to bully me and disturb me and our oldest child.

So my question is for anyone who can comment is, does seeking an adjournment seem a reasonable course of action and how feasible is it that I will get it? Would I need to present my hospital appointments, have a letter from my GP who is aware of the situation etc?

Any input or views or opinions be appreciated

MrsBertBibby Thu 05-Oct-17 23:17:13

Yes, you would need medical evidence. Either GP or whoever you are under at the hospital, or both. Midwifery would help but some judges can be sniffy about them. From your other thread, you are more than justified, but you need to get the evidence ASAP so your solicitor can get it to court so a judge can consider in time to make a decision.

Trouble is that an adjournment will have to be quite long to allow for the birth and recovery. You'll have to bring the baby along to court, if you are breast feeding.

Contact your GP first thing!

Good luck.

lollipop7 Fri 06-Oct-17 08:43:10

Thanks MrsB

I'm seeing my GP at 9.30
Been up all night with tightenings and back pain so probably got to go in to be monitored again anyway.
That's the sixth hospital trip in ten days 😓

lollipop7 Sat 07-Oct-17 14:31:47

Seen GP he was very concerned at all the hospital appointments. especially the ecg and the lung scans and the reduced movements.
He said he would write a letter stating that in his opinion everything was way too unpredictable and non linear for him to be confident I'd be fit for court next week. I'm in hospital tomorrow and Wednesday again as it is.
So my solicitor is taking it to court on Monday and seeking an adjournment. I'll be to days off 36 weeks pregnant. Nine hospital and two GP appointments in three weeks, plus two midwife ones. Only two of those planned.

Ex will go mental at me. The truth is I feel so ill and anxious I can't take any more shit right now

MrsBertBibby Sat 07-Oct-17 18:25:20

I hope not, but if he does, it will show yet more clearly what a piece of work he is.

Groovee Wed 11-Oct-17 23:15:21

I followed your post Lollipop7 and thinking off you x

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