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Landlord/tenant query - sky TV

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car1sberg Wed 12-Jul-17 13:54:40

Hello, bit of a random query, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated!

I have a property that I used to live in, and now rent out to a tenant. I had Sky installed in this property when I lived there, and when I moved out and ended our contract, the dish was obviously left there. The new tenant then took out a new contract with Sky. All fine. This week, 8 months later, the tenant lets me know that they are having signal issues when watching Sky, and have contacted them directly, but they said it's my responsibility as the landlord to have the satellite dish checked.

I don't have a contract with Sky at that property, would it be my responsibility? I looked at our tenancy agreement and as I thought, we are obligated to ensure working electricity & water (no gas at the property) but no mention of any satellite dishes.

I suspect I know the answer, but my tenant is quite upset as Sky have said they will not do anything to help as the property is privately rented so it is my responsibility.

Very confused.. confused


Bokky Wed 12-Jul-17 13:56:32

When we rented out a property, the tenant wanted us to install an aerial so they could watch freeview (we had a sky dish at the property). Our agent told us it wasn't our responsibility.

PersianCatLady Wed 12-Jul-17 13:59:43

My advice to you is stay well out of this, your tenant's lack of Sky TV is not your problem.

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