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Secondhand Car - Unsure what to do?

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Peepeep Mon 03-Jul-17 14:00:00

I bought a 2nd hand car at the beginning of June. With a three month RAC warranty.
Secondhand cars are always a minefield, I know, but we did a HPI check and looked at all obvious things and it seemed OK (one previous owner, low mileage, decent service history, clean and tidy, no rust, clean engine, drove nicely... etc.).

Anyway I recently had a full service done at a main dealer, as a service was due and also I thought it made sense to have a full once-over done while still under warranty. Unfortunately car has some issues, including needing a new radiator (current is leaking) and a few other repairs (related to suspension), also needs cam belt, which I knew about when we bought it. I was prepared for the cost of replacing the cam belt, but the bill comes to well in excess of £1000. Obviously main dealer prices are on the higher side, but still not an insignificant cost to get these issues sorted out, even if you take the cam belt cost out of the equation.

Ideally I would see if the additional repairs could be done under the warranty, but now there is an added complication. On the day I had the car serviced, I realised that I hadn't received the warranty paperwork from the dealer, so I phoned the salesman and he had forgotten to set it all up. hmm
Anyway, he has done it now and I have the warranty details. However for some reason he has dated the warranty to start from today. This seems incorrect to me, as surely it should be from the date I purchased the car? Additionally it also means that the service that found the faults with the car was completed before the warranty came into effect, so I don't know if that would cause issues claiming for the repairs?

I am a bit clueless as to how best proceed from here! Would you contact the dealer initially or try to claim under the warranty first? Any advice would be appreciated.

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