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Small claims with builder - he's moved!

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lorna111 Tue 27-Jun-17 20:35:29

I am just starting the process of taking a builder to court over a whole heap of problems I had when he renovated my house. He owes me just over £7k, which has left me financially very hard up (single parent, work full time, not a big earner).

During the works, he moved house and never gave me his new address. I've sent correspondence to his old address which he picked up (he says it is still his business address) but that was a while ago.

My question is, if you don't have a person's address, how does this work if you want to take them to court?

Do I need to find his new address first?

He is well aware of my intentions to pursue it through the court, as I was open with him about it. He left my house in a terrible state, and I have had to get much of his work redone, as well as find and pay for new contractors to finish the outstanding works. It's been a nightmare.

I've posted in property as well.


prh47bridge Tue 27-Jun-17 22:45:16

Yes, you will need his new address.

Collaborate Wed 28-Jun-17 06:27:52

Service can be at the usual or last known residence of the individual; or
principal or last known place of business. (rule 6.9 of the Civil Procedure Rules)

PancakesAndMapleSyrup Sun 02-Jul-17 20:09:59

He may have registered his new address with Companies house. A quicm google on their website with his company and directors should give you the info you need.

thisismadness77 Sun 02-Jul-17 20:12:20

You can use last known, but if you get a CCJ against him you are going to be unable to enforce through the usual route such as bailiffs if he isn't at that address.

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