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professional negligence recommendation please?

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greenberet Wed 21-Jun-17 14:07:35

anyone know any firm that will consider a case for professional negligence/ misconduct that could deal with the following issues.

poor service/advice/ representation/excessive fees by my solicitor & barrister

"abuse" of my mental health from my solicitor, x solicitor & barrister.

property surveyor failing to fully cover my interests in sale of family home.

possible pension actuary service issue

my whole case has been a disaster , manipulated from start to finish by X and severly let down by legal profession and other professionals

ideally looking for no win/ no fee scenario

thanks in advance

FromAtoB Fri 23-Jun-17 06:43:16

Where are you in the country?

greenberet Fri 23-Jun-17 14:02:47

oxfordshire but willing to go to london

INeedANameChange Sat 24-Jun-17 22:37:15

I'd be amazed if you found a NWNF prof neg solicitor. We charge a lot to run those cases as many of them don't have good prospects of success and/or recovery of compensation.

And with respect, it sounds like you're after suing four separate bodies for negligence. It's highly unlikely you'd be successful in that many claims!

I'd suggest going through the internal complaints procedure. If there's negligence, they'll settle.

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