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Any family lawyers out there that can advise?

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farandwide Tue 13-Jun-17 22:42:38

a few years ago a judge at our final court hearing for child contact ordered 50/50. Mainly in my view because exDH had forced 50/50 in the leadup to the hearing so she she wouldn't change the status quo unless there were serious safety concerns. Ex DH is very charming.
Anyway that judge has put us in the position that DD goes there every Wed and Thur and every other weekend. (Fri, Sat, Sun) So exactly 50/50. I need to apply to vary the court order as it's not working, DD is suffering, school has concerns, etc. I have no money to afford legal advice. I had a free session at Citizens advice bureau. They said apply for a MIAM, then a C100. Would any family lawyer be willing to private message me to answer a question i have? As I am so worried about putting all these personal details up here for any truck driver/mumsnetter to read forever more. I think I know most of the procedure but ex dh has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works (his speciality) so I am now confused about who to proceed. Id be eternally grateful

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