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Can I revoke my LPA status? (English law)

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Mythreeknights Fri 19-May-17 15:13:06

Very complicated situation, but against my gut instinct, I signed forms to become LPA for my stepfather about 2 months ago. The other person listed was his his new girlfriend (my mum died 2-3 months before they started dating. They had been dating for about 10 weeks at this point).

When I rang to ask if I could meet the new girlfriend before signing as we'd have to make joint decisions, he told me he'd married her.

I have still never met her.

He became quite insistent (bordering on aggressive) that I signed, so eventually, and against my better judgement, I did.

I haven't had the formal notice through yet from the OPG to say I've been registered. My relationship wtih my stepfather had broken down completely in the intervening period (other issues).

I no longer want to be his LPA.

Can I change my mind? If so, how? Any advice?

whataboutbob Fri 19-May-17 17:30:22

I'm pretty sure you can renounce, but I'd contact the OPG for advice.
Or you could simply do nothing when it comes down to it, if your relationship has broken down.
You don't say whether it's power of attorney for finance, or for health or both?

RingRingHello Thu 25-May-17 07:57:38

Sorry to hear about your difficult situation. You will be sent a notice before the LPA is registered (it might not be registered immediately). You can then object. Alternatively it might be better to fill in form LPA005 to disclaim your appointment, but I'm not sure if you can do that before it's registered. If you phone the office of the public guardian helpline they are usually very helpful.

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