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Tenancy contract help

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BonneMaman77 Fri 19-May-17 11:42:54

We have a signed tenancy agreement some weeks ago. This week, 1.5 weeks before move in date, the landlord tells (not negotiate) us that we can't move in till the next day and hasn't confirmed if we can get keys by the morning of the day.

Is the contract void now? There are other problems and we are thinking to walk away.
She was supposed to provide floor boards for DP to install - I am allergic to carpet but won't confirm she will deliver on move in date. Agent has now said he doesn't remember asking for it unfurnished. Flat was advertised furnished or unfurnished and contract only mentions fixtures and fittings and not furniture.
Can we walk away and get our deposit etc back?

wowfudge Fri 19-May-17 22:07:08

Right Shelter and get their advice.

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