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Car Bump- Could be nothing. advice please

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Tigger24 Sun 14-May-17 20:32:36

Has a weird incident today. Was at a roundabout waiting to turn right behind a van. Said van pulled out, but then started crawling, I was looking for a gap. As I pulled out the van indicated and stopped just around the corner. I thought they must be breaking down. So indicated and pulled into the next lane and continued. I then pulled into the car park I was going to, and pulled up. A minute or so later I saw the van pull up horizontally behind me with he driver looking at his phone and my car. The van then pulled away and was gone. I got out my car and looked at the front of my car thinking did I bump it or something. And noted a scratch on my car could have been there ages, only had the car a few weeks and never looked closely.

Now I'm wondering would I be mad to report it to the police just incase?? Rather then get done for failure to report of indeed they do report something? It seems so odd behaviour from the van driver. But literally the van was pulling away as I approached the roundabout.

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