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Part 36 offer? Letter or N242A

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samanthamplified Tue 09-May-17 11:34:24


I'd like to make an offer as the claimant to settle only a part of the proceedings.

Do I need to write a letter or simply fill in the N242A form or both?

(I am a litigant in person)


prh47bridge Tue 09-May-17 13:08:02

Either a letter or the form will do. You don't need to do both. The form is probably easier as completing it will make sure you cover all the matters you need to mention.

samanthamplified Tue 09-May-17 15:05:40

Can Part 36 be used to settle against two opposing parties in a preliminary issue?

prh47bridge Tue 09-May-17 15:29:24


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