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Buying a house before divorce but while separated, can ex claim a share?

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Beetlebum82 Sun 30-Apr-17 18:21:57

Hi all, need advice please. Separated from my husband of 7 years since last October. We ummed and ahhed about divorce or whether to give it a go. Now it's certain. In the meantime, i have been living with family with DS 4. I have seen a house i want and paid reservation fee. If i go ahead before divorce, could he claim a share of this house? There will be no equity in it for a few years, high LTV mortgage. Could he claim a share? If so, can i stop him from claiming? I.e. if he signed something? Many thanks for help x

Collaborate Sun 30-Apr-17 18:57:45

If there's no equity then there's nothing to claim against. Go ahead. It would be different if you had, say, £50k savings you were putting down as a deposit. But you're not, so it's not a problem you need consider.

I am assuming here that you're going to sort things out in the next couple of years, and in that time your property isn't going to double in value.

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