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Council tax query

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DorothyParker111 Fri 28-Apr-17 17:49:23

We are about to experience four months of major roadworks on the section of road outside our house - about 20 properties affected in total. There will be two main practical consequences:

1. the roadworks will run 8am-6am weekdays and 8am -1pm on Saturdays right through the summer, with all the consequent noise and air pollution when people might want their windows open or hope to be out in their gardens

2. Although vehicle access to our houses will be maintained in theory in practice, because of the diversion they are proposing to put in place, and the volumes of traffic passing, anyone trying to drive back to their house will be held up in 20 minutes of stationery traffic.

I noticed a mention in this year's Council tax booklet of the legal possibility of getting a discount on your council tax if there is "a material reduction in value" including from "a change in the physical state of the local area". I know the disruption outside our houses won't go on for ever, but for the period it is in existence, it's going to be hell. Does anyone have any knowledge of circumstances in which a temporary reduction in council tax, proportionate to the period of disruption, has been granted?

prh47bridge Fri 28-Apr-17 20:02:23

The booklet is referring to the circumstances in which it is possible to get a property revalued which may permanently move it into a different band. I'm not an expert but I don't think it is possible to get a temporary reduction due to disruption. The disruption is temporary and is therefore unlikely to affect the value of your property.

eurochick Fri 28-Apr-17 20:47:48

I agree with the previous poster. I don't expect this will be grounds for a revaluation of your property.

bb1987 Sat 29-Apr-17 10:28:48

Hi.. I'm in need of some advise please.. I live in a rented house, my mum.lives with me and my daughter, when I moved in I rang my local council to set up council tax, I told them me my mum and daughter live here, all was OK but I gave them the wrong date that I moved in,I gave them the day I moved in but I should of gave the date I signed the tenancy agreement which may I add is only a week difference.. My landlord rang me last night and said the council have asked pay the week difference because on there system they have me in a week.later so in reality I made a mistake and I should pay it.. Which is fine my and my landlord have sorted the payment out... He's going to pay it and I'll just add on to my rent! The problem is, they asked him for a copy of the tenancy agreement so they could see what date it was signed! The problem is this... It doesn't have my name on it, it has mine and myrecently ex partner, because originally he was going.g to move in but he never did, which is why I only told the council tax it was me my mum and daughter! They have asked my landlord by letter that I didn't mention about my partner.. He's not responded because he doesn't want to get anyone in to trouble... I'm not claiming single persons council tax or housing bennifit.. I'm just wondering if my landlord just ignores them and pays the owing money they will just forget it.. I'm worried they might start investigating me.. But our council tax is worked out on an area banding system so shouldn't matter who actually lives in the house!!

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