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Civil action *Trigger warning*

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Beyondworried Mon 24-Apr-17 12:55:00

Can anyone advise me on civil action around rape? Assuming a case doesn't get to court due to lack of evidence or if it does, a not guilty verdict is reached, is it worth pursuing as a civil cation case.

FinallyReportedHim2 Mon 24-Apr-17 18:01:29

a not guilty doesn't necessarily mean a civil case can't be pursued. The burden of proof is different.
criminal = beyond reasonable doubt
civil = balance of probabilities

Obviously having a guilty verdict in the criminal court helps!

Are you talking about a private/civil prosecution (I think they are hard/costly) or a civil damages claim? If it's the latter you can probably get a solicitor on a conditional fee agreement (no win no fee) IF they think there is a good chance of the claim being successful AND whoever you are suing has assets to pay any damages.

Hope that helps?

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