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half siblings and contact

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ohdeaeyme Sun 23-Apr-17 09:42:37

i have a couple of other thread re abusive ex pushing for contact with the kids.

i am going to try achieve no contact or indirect only to protect my children but there is an added complication that they have an older half sibling from him.

i had tried to maintain a relationship with her but she has been completely alienated away from being the evil person who has stopped her seeing her siblings when actually i have tried to arrange for them to see each other which keep getting rejected. i suspect its so they can use her as an argument for him having contact with mine.

will this actually give him a good reason to have contact?

also he is allowed unsupervised contact with her despite the dv towards me she has seen because her mum is too afraid of being cut off from his entire family like my children have been. would the fact he has unsupervised with her affect that at the very least my two needed supervised long term?

its so complicated

ohdeaeyme Sun 23-Apr-17 09:50:38

i do have a message from their 9 yo sister showing she has quite obviously been manipulated and involved in things she shouldnt have been

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