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Taken to court for custody

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user1492629426 Wed 19-Apr-17 20:28:15

Hi I'm to appear in court next week as taken urgently by my ex partner -

Long story cut short, he was abusive towards me, physically and emotionally... I was assaulted when I was pregnant and also in the previous month. One day he abused me so badly and convinced me that I was a bad mum to our 7 month old daughter. He said he's the better parent and she's better of with him!
I became so low I took an overdose after he took her out of the house and left me on my own crying and in a state.
The overdose wasn't severe he phoned an ambulance as concerned however I had bloods in A&E and was sent home - no further treatment required. After feeling low for weeks, I left the property to live with my parents for support.
I only reported his violence once but didn't press charges. I was scared to as we were in the same home and didn't want to make things worse for myself and my baby.

He's now taken me to court for full custody - with allegations that I'm unstable, volatile and a danger to my child due to suicide attempts.

Where do I stand? I've looked after our daughter from day 1, he's been at work everyday and I've never done anything to harm her. I'm frightened she's going to go to her dad who's violent and has never took an interest in supporting me caring for her or looked after her on a full-time basis himself! 😭 will I lose her?

Thanks in advance for your responses,

Please note - I do not feel suicidal and definitely do not feel low since removing myself from him! I feel as though I'm back to my old self. I have seen a GP and have no underlying mental illness, just a negative reaction to the treatment in which I received from him.

MrsBertBibby Wed 19-Apr-17 20:57:25

I very much doubt your daughter will be taken from you. Have you been able to see a solicitor at all?

How long is it since you left? And when is your hearing?

Have you had court papers yet? If so, have you responded at all?

user1492629426 Wed 19-Apr-17 21:05:32

Thanks for your response MrsBertBibby
I have seen a solicitor, she's slightly concerned the suicide attempt is a big one, however as I've mentioned in the above, I no longer have intentions to do so. I believe his presence was slowly destroying me.

I have been left 2 weeks prior to these allegations being made and receiving the court letter.
Social worker did get in touch with me after my ex reported me however she has no concerns.

I have an urgent directions appointment first.
The first hearing is in the middle of next month.

I'm honestly petrified

picklemepopcorn Wed 19-Apr-17 21:21:18

Women's aid may be able to offer advice. They will have supported women in similar situations. Can you get references from a GP or other suitable person saying that you are now recovered?

Sorry this must be dreadful for you.

MrsBertBibby Wed 19-Apr-17 21:42:01

Don't be scared, do you have someone to go to court with you? Can you afford representation? If not, can a friend?

If your parents can come too that would be great, show the court you have support etc.

You need to complete a form C1A to set out your concerns about him. Google it. Put in everything, his violence, his abuse, everyone you have told (social worker, police, gp, anyone.)

Sisterland Wed 19-Apr-17 21:49:40

Here's the form MrsBertBibby is referring to!

I'm not sure how it works with urgent hearings but you should be able to fill out that you want to file your own application when you reply to his I think? And also that you oppose yourself to his one.

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