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Possession cocaine - Scotland

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dogloverxoxo Mon 17-Apr-17 21:20:07

I need legal advice (sort of) or advice from someone who has perhaps been through a similar thing.

My OH was caught with a small amount of cocaine at the weekend (he is the biggest idiot and he knows that!! I didn't even know he took anything in the first place and am very anti drugs) he says that he has genuinely has only taken the stuff a handful of times in his life and typical this one time he is caught, I do believe him on that as he is generally truthful and not like that at all. I am now terrified for him having a criminal record and ruining his life over this daft drunken mistake and so is he, he has been in tears all weekend. He has no previous convictions and is a graduate starting a new career ect. He says it was around £20-£30 worth, he was caught as he fell asleep waiting on a taxi alone (I mention this as I'm not sure if amount/circumstances of search are relevant to the outcome)

what is the likelihood of receiving a punishment that won't result in a criminal conviction (e.g a fine, a work order ect)

Thank you for your time and help

prh47bridge Tue 18-Apr-17 09:24:52

Cocaine is a class A drug. I am in England but this page from a Scottish lawyer suggests that possession of a class A drug is almost always prosecuted. As this is a first offence and the amount was small the likely outcome is a fine but I'm afraid he will probably get a criminal record.

A conviction won't necessarily ruin his life. He won't have to disclose it forever and many employers will be willing to overlook a single conviction for possession of drugs.

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