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Intractable Ex

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user1488820644 Mon 17-Apr-17 09:46:14


Any advice out there about dealing with an intractable ex? We've been in family court for 5 out of our DS's 6 years and I've almost lost all faith that we will ever be able to reach a solution to a problem without some kind of application to the courts, its ruining my life and the life of our DS.

MrsBertBibby Mon 17-Apr-17 11:17:54

How many applications has he made? How many have you made? How often do you or he get the result you applied for?

user1488820644 Mon 17-Apr-17 12:37:15

about 13 hearings in 5 years, despite much mudslinging from the OS nothing has stuck, as it should, and our problems are really about logistics rather than legal... its just an arm wrestle but its debilitating..

MrsBertBibby Mon 17-Apr-17 19:46:59

Ok, but did that all spring from one application, or has he made muliple applications (ie forms C100 and C2?)

There are steps is that is the case.

user1488820644 Tue 18-Apr-17 09:17:22

no there has been 1 x contact, 2 x FDA/FDR, 3 x specific steps and mainly I've had to make them....

user1488820644 Tue 18-Apr-17 09:46:07

I'm at the point now where battling to have a continuing relationship with DS is threatening my health, my relationship, its all ready cost me all my money and I'm simply getting nowhere in the courts.... I can see how parents at some stage simply walk away in the face of total disdain from the other parent....there are no legal problems here just two parties who continue in a power struggle for the sake of winning and asserting rights, there seems to be little in the family law process to deal with this kind of intractability, my ex fully believes in what they are doing, its not a lack of sincerity, it simply misguided effort...

prh47bridge Tue 18-Apr-17 12:54:47

Am I right in thinking that your ex is the parent with care and you are the non-resident parent? You have applied for various court orders. Have they been granted? What orders are actually in place? Does your ex comply with any orders that are in place?

user1488820644 Tue 18-Apr-17 13:12:23

yes, I'm the NRP, orders are in place and have been complied with however I'm faced with 'legal' battles over the duration of a week, the duration of half term holidays, every single detail is contested and every detail is weaponised... its simply a power struggle for the complete control of our DS, fuelled by an unwillingness to co-parent

user1488820644 Tue 18-Apr-17 13:13:44

the end result of this warfare will be PA by some means or other... when should you stop fighting for your children?

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