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Online divorce

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WickedGirl Wed 12-Apr-17 07:34:13

Iurchased waht I thought was an online divorce

It wasn't, it was just them filling in the form that you yourself then submit to court

They charge £167 for this

One of the things you had to tick was if I open the online peperwork, I'm no longer entitled to a refund under 14 distance selling act

Is that legally binding? Can you sign away your rights like that?

murrell0cherri Fri 14-Apr-17 09:07:28

So they have completed the forms and you will be divorced once the court has processed the paperwork.

Even with a solicitor you are required to check that the paperwork that they have completed is accurate before they submit it to the court.

The only difference is a solicitor will charge you a small fortune for sending the documents.

Not sure about the distance selling rules though, maybe ask citizens advice? re: online transactions.

But it sounds like they have done what they said they would do.

Online providers rarely deal with the financial side of the divorce process and these are separate proceedings/applications to the court anyway.

If your divorce goes through without any problems from the court side of things it sounds like you have the outcome that you wanted.

Hope things go well.

prh47bridge Fri 14-Apr-17 09:56:15

Yes it is legally binding. It sounds like you purchased a service rather than a product. When you buy a service the Distance Selling Regulations allow you to cancel the contract provided you do so within 7 working days, starting from the day after you enter into the contract. However, if you agree to the service starting within that 7 working day period you lose the right to cancel. I presume that opening the online paperwork means that the service has begun (and possibly been provided in full) in this case.

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