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Legally how far can I go to chase father not paying maintenance

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Ohdear2016 Thu 06-Apr-17 23:04:02

CMS have agreed an amount and he pays direct from his wages for 6months then they allow him to pay by direct debit, the direct debits are not set up, cancelled etc and then we wait another three months of chasing, and months for the payments to start up from his wages again.

In the mean time we have no money, we have recently been homeless. While I can see on his open social media accounts he takes holidays, buys cars and is actually doing a charity run for homeless families!

The CMS are very slow in chasing and I know he is very concerned by what people think of him.

I am wondering, as long as stick to facts I.e. 'youve failed to make your child support payment again this month, contact CMS, this payment is due immediately' can I call, leave messages, email and even post on social media? Say once aday until payment received.

Is that okay to do legally? Technically I am chasing a debt legally owed to me.

Collaborate Fri 07-Apr-17 07:11:48

I don't think there is anything in law to prevent you posting on social media about his non-payment. However do think about the digital footprint it will leave. It directly affects your children.

wannabestressfree Fri 07-Apr-17 08:06:44

I have the same problem. I have to chase, no direct debit set up even though they ask, pays less than the required amount. It drives me mad....

But he knows that hence why he does it.

As long as you are factual you should be fine.

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