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Cosmetic Surgery compensation

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sushiforever Wed 05-Apr-17 07:31:18

Any advice very gratefully received - Last year I had vaser lipo surgery on my neck and the surgeon (Harley Street, recommended) took too much fat from my cheeks on one side and she also burnt off half my earlobe on that side. I've been back since several times at huge time and travel cost to have check ups and fillers which has improved my appearance but I'm not able to wear heavy earrings as skin too thin beneath pierced hole and my face is a little lumpy where the fillers were put over my face muscles. Also, I will have to go back for re-fills every couple of years. I mentioned compensation immediately and they dragged their heals and finally I got a letter saying that I will have no compensation as they went into liquidation, but are still using the same premises, website, etc as have only changed their "business" name. The doctor who performed my surgery has since been struck off and they want me to allow access to my medical records to help with that process. What should I do?? Thanks.

Universitychallenging Wed 05-Apr-17 07:32:19

You really need to go to a solicitor and get proper advice.

Good luck.

sushiforever Wed 05-Apr-17 08:05:56

Thank you!

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