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Is this horrible behaviour actually illegal?

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LetsSplashMummy Thu 30-Mar-17 10:04:44

There is a terrible neighbour in our street. He obtained his house for 1/4 of the real value by tricking and exploiting the elderly lady that lived there - this only came out later when another neighbour visited her in her nursing home. He is now running this house as an "annex" to a B&B he owns on another street, having failed to get permission to run a B&B from there. The council (who are obsessive about HMOs in every other context) know this and use it to refuse planning permission to extend, but are not shutting him down.

He has random wires sticking out, shabby run down windows, no licence and the council have only called him up on letting too many cars spill onto the pavement and about a wall he pulled down (we're in a conservation area). He rebuilt the wall the day before the inspection about it and pulled it down the day after, they haven't chased this up.

He has now started on the lady in the other half of the house (semi detached) to the extent that as of yesterday she is an inpatient in a psychiatric hospital following a suicide attempt. The other, normal, neighbours are getting together to try and plan what to do. He told her (a lady in her late 60s) that he would rape her in the night if this planning application fails. FWIW, she has never complained as she is too scared of him, but the other 16 neighbours all do - none of us is as vulnerable as her. He has threatened her with violence before but it wasn't possible, police wise, to prove it.

There are at least 6 houses of us wanting to do something but not sure where to start. He doesn't actually live there, so we rarely see him in person (just the poor tourists hanging around trying to call him to get the door code and looking horrified at their accommodation). The council haven't followed up unregistered B&B complaints and the police couldn't do anything about the threats of violence. The NDN is in a state where her just handing over her house to him to get away and have peace of mind isn't unrealistic.

What can we do and who do we report things to? We're in Scotland, if there is a legal difference.

EnormousTiger Thu 30-Mar-17 11:26:06

Scottish law is different from English but often along similar lines.
Does she have adult children you could contact who might be able to help her?

Where does he advertise the B&B? Eg if it is airbnb you might be able to contact them or whoever he advertises for.

The 16 neighbours could try doing a statement to the council saying what the old lady said to them - the he would rape her if he doesn't get permission for the conversion but that is only what she told you and may not help as the council might think it is made up.

Can you keep a log of the B&B useage?
If neighbours are disturbed by noise you might (but expensive and risky) be able to sue him for noise nuisance. Worth checking the land registry to see who is the true owner of the place - in England that is a £3 search fee only.

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